Andrea M.

Wendy has been so helpful with our daughter who has POTS.  Hydration is the key to helping her feel better.  Having the convenience of her coming to our home instead of hospital is great.  Very professional.

Tina K.

I have a Myers cocktail and a Vitamin C infusion every other week to maintain my optimal health. Makes me feel great! Thank you!

Nori W.

I felt so much better after my Myers cocktail! I would totally recommend this and other services RH has to offer!

Bryan B.

After a long holiday season packed with parties and travel, Wendy helped me to not only recover but stave off an illness that was making its way around our family and friends. Her skills, knowledge and professionalism are unparalleled. Thank You, Wendy!

Jackie W.

The flu hit me hard, and the high fever, aches and chills left me completely depleted.  I got the vitamin drip, B12 shot, and an extra bag of fluids and began to feel better right away.  Nurses have always complained about how hard it is to find my veins, and getting...